Essentials Bundle
Essentials Bundle
Essentials Bundle
Essentials Bundle
Essentials Bundle
Essentials Bundle
Essentials Bundle

Essentials Bundle

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Jumpstart your next adventure with everything you need to power the day and own the night. Hybrid Light's Essentials Bundle includes the NAV Headlamp, PUC 150 Expandable Lantern and Journey 200 Flashlight. The PUC and Journey are solar powered and can even charge the NAV! 

Prepare for your next adventure with the Hybrid Light Essentials Bundle today!


The NAV is our versatile Headlamp that comes with both a comfortable Headband, and a Hat Clip that slides snug on your hat.

The head of The NAV pivots at 180° allowing you to point the headlamp where you need it. The NAV is equipped with 3 LED’s (White, Red, Green) that shines bright at 75 Lumens, and a Switch Lock Mode to prevent the light from turning on in your bag.

You’ll get 5 hours of light on one full charge, and can be recharged via the MicroUSB port (cord included).

The NAV Headlamp measures 3.25” in length and weighs in at only an ounce. The NAV’s super light design makes it the ideal choice for fishing, hunting, outdoor sporting and outdoors enthusiasts.


The PUC Expandable Lantern is a portable and lightweight lantern that can also double as a flashlight when collapsed. Solar recharging keeps this lantern ready for you when you need it. It’s a versatile, water-resistant lantern that shines bright at 150 lumens.

You’ll get 40 hours of light on one full charge from the 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery (holds a charge for 7 years). The Puc has a USB port for charging your mobile devices. It also features a Micro USB port for rapid charging or you can simply use any light source to keep your Puc charged through its built-in solar panel. The Puc measures 5.3” when opened as a lantern and only 2” when closed as a flashlight. The lightweight design also comes in at 7oz. 

Hang the Puc from anything or anywhere with its collapsible metal hanger.


The Journey 200 is our most versatile, multifunctional, and rugged flashlight that features a fully waterproof enclosure. This solar recharging flashlight is a must have for your next adventure. 

It has a USB port for charging your mobile devices, a Micro USB port for rapid charging the flashlight, or you can simply use any light source to keep your flashlight charged through its built-in solar panel.

The Journey 200 super-bright LED shines for up to 25 hours on low beam and 6 hours on high from the 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery (holds a charge for 7 years). It’s 6” in length and weighs in at only 4.5oz. You can take it anywhere and store it in your glovebox, kitchen drawer, garage, or boat. 


Grab all of these awesome products before your next adventure!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kevin Hays
Great light kit

I absolutely love the headlamp that came with the Essentials bundle! The lantern is also really cool! I like the weight of the flashlight but am still getting the hang of the switch. It's at an angle which is sometimes hard to activate. All in all very happy with the kit and performance of the lights!

Ed Morton

The package I bought was perfect. Just what I needed. Everything works great and you cannot beat the quality

Gary Holt

Ain't used em yet. By appearances, looks usable/practical.

Christina Romo
The only brand of lights I will ever buy from now on!!

So I came across these at the State Fair or Earth day years ago, and thank goodness I did! I purchased one Journey flashlight years ago and it’s amazing! Rechargeable, bright, and I’ve had it for YEARS and it’s as good as new. I recently decided I needed more of these because of recent outages and the snowpocalypse here in the south so I got this bundle. First off, all three of these products are BRIGHT, and they do have settings to toggle between for more or less brightness. Anywhere I take these people always are amazed by the brightness and quality and they ask where I get them from. I will never buy any type of lamp/flashlight from the store ever again, the quality of these just beats anything else. Not to mention I can solar charge and recharge via cable. I cannot stand batteries, with these I never worry about that and they hold a charge so well. JUST BUY THESE YOU WON’T REGRET IT. I will be buying more for myself for sure and as gifts!

Tracy Bussard
Excellent Product

We sold these three flashlights for our fundraiser and they are outstanding for raising funds. For personal use, I keep just the flashlight part of the NAV headlamp in my purse all the time because it is so tiny. I use it whenever I need it then quickly recharge it with the included cable. If I need to work on something hands-free it comes with a hat clip or a headband clip. I keep the 'lock switch' on the bottom turned off so it doesn't come on when I bump it. My old headlamps went through so many batteries because they accidentally got switched on without me realizing it then stayed on until they were dead. This led to many frustrating times when I needed a headlamp but was out of batteries. I also have a PUC. We've had two power outages in the last 4 months and it works perfectly. I also let it sit on my dashboard and charge my phone whenever I need it to. The Journey 160 is great sitting in my kitchen window absorbing sunshine. That is until my Trail Life boys borrow it for camping along with their PUCs. You can clearly see for over 500 feet! I didn't actually believe that bit of info on it until I saw for myself. Very cool! It charges your device as well. I would highly recommend any and all of the HybridLight products. They are excellent.