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Handy Little Tool !

We had these lights at work. Now that I'm retird, I had to have a couple at home.
Beats the heck out of buying batteries !


Well made, sturdy, very enjoyable to use.

Seeker 300
William Leslie
Again it’s the BEST

It’s just what You said it is.

Great light

This is the second purchase. Good light that works.

Been using for two years

I have had a 250 for about two years, I keep it in my vehicle and it always stays charged because of the constant sunlight. I don't know what I was thinking though, over the years, it has faded really bad. It is not the nice bright yellow that is easy to find anymore. I do really like the light so I ordered 2 of the 2 packs. I don't know what I was thinking there either! One of the features of the lights that I really like is the color, the really bright yellow, so I don't really like the black one that comes in the two pack, I wish I could have chose two yellows. As a compromise, I took the backs of and switched them so I know have two yellow with black bottoms and two black ones with yellow bottoms. So, if that is the only complaint I have is my fault for not thinking about what color light I got...I am a happy camper! I was skeptical at first about a solar light being able to keep a charge and recharge but I have 2 years of use and they work so good I ordered more!

Seeker 300
Seeker 300

Seeker 300 is a great flashlight. It’s plenty bright in all 3 colors. It’s a great asset to anyone who hunts. It’s light weight and the color options are great for getting to your deer stand or blind unnoticed

Safety 6-Pack
Michel Harger
Safety 6-pack

This was a very recent purchase and I have not yet used the flashlights. However I will say that customer service in this company is very good. I contacted them to verify that each flashlight had its own charger and customer service was quick to return my call and very helpful. I was pleased when the lights were delivered very promptly and the lights were individually packaged, each with its own charger. I am glad to have these flashlights on hand.

Deluxe Bundle
James Ellett

Deluxe Bundle

Seeker 300
Jeffrey Burnette

Haven't opened it up yet, so will have to let you know at a later date.


After hurricane maria we got a lantern from a benefical company and we are more than pleased with your product, it is excellent, so we bought a new one for the soon to begin hurricane season. Thank you.

Seeker 300
timothy siver
lousy service......did you not see it was a PO Box?

did not receive sent it UPS.......I gave you a PO Box 1166......this is a problem........I cannot receive a land based delivery, it must go to my PO.......please credit my account

Seeker 300
Walter Fiala
Puck and Flaslight

Have not gone on trip yet to test, so no feedback can be provided!

Journey 250 2 Pack
John Strite

Seems like tough little lights. Haven't had much time to use them yet but impressed with them so far.

Journey 250 2 Pack
Ruth Heacock
Spanish instructions for Journey 250 2 Pack

We purchased two Journey 250 2 Packs to include in backpacks to send to 4 sponsored children in Honduras. We will fill the backpacks in August which will be received in Honduras in January 2023. We need Spanish instructions to include with the Hybrid Lights. Please let us know where to obtain Spanish instructions. We did charge the lights initially on our computer as directed.


Great light, versatile!

Absolutely Amazing

I love it and just ordered a second one today. I like that you can plug it up but even better to have the solar option.

Works good

The light works good. It is nice and bright and it works for charging the phone.

Love this lantern!

The lantern arrived less than a week after submitting the order. Our power was out for a couple hours and it worked great! The light was bright enough for my husband to see while shaving. Love the phone chsrger. It charged the phone as quickly as when it is plugged in to the wall. I will be ordering some more for Christmas presents.

NAV Headlamp
James Heist
NAV Headlamp

My wife is on home Kidney Dialysis and the nav light with the red light helps when I need to go in and check her fluid lines at night. The way the light fits on my head gives me use of both hands and the red light does not make as much glare. I like the light very much.

Atlas Fire
Bert Goodrich
Great Light!

This light is bright, lightweight and has the simulated flickering fire option. It can charge devices from the USB port! What else do you need? Oh it can be charged each day by the solar panel built into the top of the light. It’s waterproof too so it can handle the elements…. I got two!!

Atlas Fire
Eliseo Gutierrez
Solid Lamps for Camping

Ordered these a couple of weeks ago to use for our camping trips. Since then, I’m starting to switch all of them over. Lamps are bright, light (pun), and very functional. I leave a lantern out on a mast to provide some low light in the evenings. The fire does an excellent job of providing enough ambient light to see in the dark, but not be blinded when coming out of the tent/trailer. I have not had a chance to test waterproofness, but overall I very much recommend them.

Don't know yet.

Too early to tell. Wish it had a handle on it.

Journey 250 2 Pack
Mike Hatton
Journey 250

We now have three 250's. I've had one for around a year now. Have never had to charge it, always ready when it's needed

NAV Headlamp
william Van Dyke
NAV light

I love this little light. Have given many as gifts and all are impressed.


It’s easy to recharge, gives 2 different light levels…couldn’t ask for more!