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Atlas 600 Camping Lantern / Charger

PUC Expandable Lantern / Charger

Never buy batteries for this great flashlight.

Best flashlight I have ever owned.

Journey 200

One night the power went out and I realized the battery in my lantern was getting old so I started shopping for an emergency light that was rechargeable and found HybridLight. It is so innovative. I bought 2 as gifts. It works!

Perfect for camping or power outage

Love how bright it is. Brightens a room, which is what I wanted. Able to work without holding a flashlight when our power goes out. Yea for hands free! Will work great in the ceiling of our tent.


I absolutely love this lantern and it is hands down my new preferred emergency light source and, thanks to the PV panel on top, I can leave one sitting at a side table in my dining room and our can lights are enough to keep one charged just from eating dinner each night. Awesome! YouTube video placeholder
I like it

Brightest flashlight I’ve ever owned and it will never need batteries. Nice!


Great product, I’ve tried many different solar tanterns none compare to this ones. It’s Very durable

Love my lantern!

I love that my lanterns were delivered so quickly! They are easy to use and produce a lot of light! I like that they are small and light, but produce so much light. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Hybrid Light Pro Kit
R Stephen martin
Cool lights

I enjoyed my company Christmas gift so I thought I'd get one for my son.

Love it!

I bought a set of these from Costco years ago. After I lost one I had to search for another. I love that it’s rechargeable and the light is super bright! I keep mine charged in case the power goes out- I’ll be able to charge my phone with it! Great product. Would buy again

Atlas Fire
M. Wert
Nice and Bright!

Great design, light weight, and nice to have 3 light intensities. The lowest is adequate for general room lighting and for most table top work. The highest intensity is more than sufficient to light a room and will cause you to squint when looking at it from across a table. A great investment for sure!

Very nice

Working great

third product I have purchased

excellent light, especially for emergencies

The Headlamp
Joe Pina
Not what I expected.

I expected a very bright light and able to swivel. I was sadly disappointed.

Pleased Enough to Place a 2nd Order

Bought the Atlas 600 Camping Lantern / Charger and a Journey 300 flashlight for my elderly dad to provide emergency lighting and a way to charge his cell phone in the event of a power outage at his home. Liked both products so much that I placed a second order for another Atlas 600 Lantern / Charger for my own house, as well as two more Journey 300 flashlights to give to my daughters at college. First time we've tried Hybrid Light products, and we were not disappointed. Seem well-made, and gave very good light. Only thing that could be improved is if it were possible to store charging cable inside body of lantern (or flashlight) so that cable doesn't get lost.


Unbelievably bright! Happy to have this light for camping and emergencies!

Atlas Fire
Felicia Hudson
No fire option

Ordered through Amazon.
There is no Fire option

Mammoth Multi Light / Charger

Versatile speaker.

This is an awesome speaker.
The sound is really good.
The flashlight is nice.
It’s small and compact.
The kick stand is smartly designed.
This is a wonderful little speaker.

The Headlamp
Jenette Sanders



I love both of my light that I got from you. They work very well and they are bright

Mammoth light

I love the mammoth light, how bright it is, how it swivels, how it charges my phone, and how it doesn’t need a battery. I can’t imagine buying any other kind of flashlight now.

Great product

Bought some more

They work well and are very convenient to use…. Well designed…. We purchased more of them