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Mammoth Multi Light / Charger

Very bright and durable. I have used many times since we bought it! Fully recommend it!

Great product

Will probably order more if they go on sale again.

no title

very happy with purchase!

A nice, bright, compact flashlight.

Atlas 600 Camping Lantern / Charger

Hybrid Light Pro Kit

Very Nice product

Atlas Fire
Jason K
Love it

I really like my lantern.Unfortunately, so do thieves. I had only had my atlas fire for a couple of months before they stole it. I liked it so much that I had to buy another one even though I didn’t want to spend that amount of money again. So far, the whole kit I previously purchased has been a good product. No issues so far.

Journey 600 Flashlight

This flashlight is everything that it is advertised to be. Very light, easy on off switch, and will recharge itself in the sun light. Not to mention bright. On high we can see to the end of our field that is 600 ft long.


I thought I was buying an American made product and good from China arrived. Americans have to STOP BUYING FROM CHINA.

Great Light!

This light has it all. Solar charge, you can plug it in, or charge by usb. You have a bright full front light, and a flashlight 🔦 on the front. It has a magnetic swivel base, a hook to hang it, and it will bend to streamline your light. All in all this light is a must have. If you buy it and don’t like it… I will buy it from you!

Great product with one minor complaint

I bought 2 of these for my daughters. Very simple, practical, inexpensive (but not cheap) flashlights. My one complaint is the lanyard loop is tiny. I will have to enlarge it to get any type of lanyard through. Still 5 stars, though.


I thought that I was buying an American made product. Turns out, it is designed in Utah and made in China. Americans need to STOP BUYING GOODS FROM CHINA. I bet when there is a holiday in China, their party goods are not made in the USA. I bet, with the exception of underhanded deals with the Bidens, nothing in China is made in the USA.

Great little lantern

It is very bright and provides the needed lighting for emergencies.

Great Product !!

Excellent light that I have used as an anchor light in a salt water environment for many years without any issues. It is very bright even on the low setting so the Fire model might be a better option for camping, but for boating it is far superior to anything else on the market. I have never had to charge it beyond the built in solar panel and it lasts overnight no problem - should really be standard equipment for emergency kits and disaster preparedness. Wish Hybridlight would get USCG approval and get it on the marine market.


Everything it’s advertised to be, durable and long-lasting. Just wish it had nightlight function.

Journey 300 Flashlight / Charger

Love this. Bathroom light died so have this hanging from the towel bar til repairs can be done.

Hybrid Light Pro Kit
Holly Parker

Great product

Lantern closing mechanism

Overall I am very pleased with both the flashlight and the lantern. My only suggestion is to make the closing mechanism on the lantern easier to use. The sections that slide to close it are too small and hard to make work.

The Best

Great products! We enjoy all your lights!
Thank you!
Jeff & Jenny Milam
80 Below Sporting Oil

Great product

This product works better than I expected. I plan to buy many more Hybrid Light products. Keep up the good work.

Seeker 300
Michael McK.
Essential Torches & Lighting

I have 8 Hybridlight products now and with exception to the Atlas 400 they are well designed, constructed and great battery life. Recommend them for any household, car & camping gear.

Good but needs improvement

Adequate light, the single LED and reflector needs work. Shows a bright inner region and a darker outer region; like a traditional flashlight the area of useful light is small when up close. Otherwise, given two ways to recharge it, its a really handy light to have.

Journey 1000

It’s a great product. I only have it a 4 because I use it for deliveries at night and I would like the beam to be tighter, not so large. More like the 300

Journey 600 Bundle
John Taylor

Wonderful flashlights. I have every flashlight they make. No more batteries to worry about! I will not buy another brand. I have definitely tried a lot of brands and this Hybrid light is the best I have seen. I really like the piece of mind that you can charge them and they stay charged.