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Outstanding Journey 300

Extremely satisfied with the Journey 300 Flashlight. Performs as advertised. Well built. Great emergency/everyday product. Reasonable price and shipping/customer service was top notch. Plan to purchase additional products for birthdays, etc.

Hybrid Light 600

LOVE IT!!!!! So easy to use and gives great light!!! When there's a sale I'll buy another so visiting folk will have one in our lower level when the lights go off....which happens in often in winter months. In the meantime I'll send them down with this one.

Journey 300 Flashlight / Charger

The Best

I already own a few of your Flashlight & lanterns my last order was a gift to my daughter she loves her flashlights she was amazed how bright they are.


Great , probably my seventh product from you.

Awesome lights

I have 7 different HybridLights. They are amazing. Highly recommended!!

Journey 300

My 3 year old "J300" does not work anymore. It always worked well, and I am stumped on a fix. It has never been dropped or otherwise damaged. Any suggestions on a fix?

Love the options

You can clip it to your hat and bend it as high or low as needed. If you you use it as a headlamp with the band you get 2 axis of movement as well. I LOVE it as my hunting headlamps. Makes my early morning walk ins nice and bright. It’s also rechargeable which is absolutely great!

Best Light Ever

I have about 4 of the Journey 300 Flashlights/Chargers which I purchased over the past several years. Last year I purchased 2 to give as Christmas presents to my niece & nephew. Recently I purchased 4 & gave 1 away as a bithday present & another to a friend who helped me move. They are dependable, light weight, have many uses. A great light to have when you need a light.

Great flashlights

I’ve bought several of the solar flashlights for myself, family and friends. Great housewarming presents. Keeps a charge too so you can count on it during emergencies or power outages.

Great product

I purchased a Journey 300 Flashlight / Charger in the past and have been very happy with it. With my latest order, I now own three.

Go to Flashlight

So far i am very happy with my new flashlights, they are comfortable in my hand, BRIGHT, excellent charge time, a little longer by solar but are working great. Very happy with my purchase. I own one of your first flashlight from 7 years ago and it is still working.

Perfect Flashlight

I now have four of these and have gifted six more. To me, a retired mechanical engineer, they are perfect.

Great flashlights!

I love these flashlights!

Journey 300

Was a replacement for 300 whose battery failed at 16 months. They replaced with another 300 after explaining the problem, true to there warranty.
I also acquired a Journey 700 at same time.
I just did a nite time comparison check between lites and found I like the 300 better then the 700. Reason being the 300 seems brighter due to a narrower beam, which I like.
Have had for only two weeks but would recommend either. Shipping was very prompt.
Looking fwd to using both this winter.

Expensive, no longer working

I don’t normally like to write negative reviews, but after several years my HybridLight no longer works. Agree with other reviewer comments about unit being easy to carry and the light being bright. However, I now after I recharge fully, the light doesn’t work. I can buy multiple flashlights for this price and they can last for a decade or more. HybridLight is trendy and a good idea but too expensive and too fragile/short-lived.

Awesome product

Always a great product

Great lights

I was amazed at the lamps brightness!

And the fact it can stay on a shelf for year (!) until needed is the real deal maker...

Love this flashlight.

Journey 300 that I bought recently wasn't the first HybridLight product I use. Amazing flashlight. I gave it a lot of use last autumn and winter. I live in Ukraine that fights bravely dictatorial regime of putin of russia for second year. We had weeks of total blackouts. What I like the most in this flashlight is the strength of beam it produces. So bright and shines far away. Thank you, guys, for the nice product!

Awesome Light

I’ve owned two of these lights and they are great! I wouldn’t buy any other flashlight!

Another winner!

I am a many time repeat customer of Hybrid light products. This purchase of the Journey 700 Flashlight/Charger is for my son as he is now driving and transferring to a university. I had my share of recommendations. And as the minimalist that he is accepted the flashlight/charger. He wanted a battery flashlight and I shared that is a common choice amongst most people. But I shared my numerous experiences of needing to use my battery flashlight only to find a dead battery and even backup batteries. I shared about how I have had to throw out battery flashlight because the battery exploded and destroyed the flashlight. Then, about a couple days later I found a battery flashlight in an old box and yes, it had exploded rendering the battery flashlight totally inoperable. I shared that experience as a real time example. He decided he needed a Hybrid light flashlight/charger for car and school. I think he made the wise choice. I only wish Hybridlight made cases for it that zips closed with separate compartment for the recharging cord and maybe even the instructions. I usually end up buying zip pencil cases and recently found the best fit yet on the internet.

Deluxe Bundle
JA Gray
Perfect combination for me

I could decide on which solar light products to get but the bundle solved that problem for me and saved me money at the same time. the item that has gotten the most use so far is the headlamp at home and while camping. It feels like a solid product with a light that is excellent. I've used every product so far but can't name a favorite but i can name 2! The headlamp and the Mammoth. Love the life time warranty!

Atlas & Mammoth

Used for camping. I like that it is lightweight and has a hook for hanging overhead but I didn't find it brighter than my coleman propane lantern. I used the Mammoth positioned overhead from the canopy at 400 lumens and preferred dispersing the light downward on the picnic table more efficient and favorable than the Atlas Lantern at 600 lumens. I do not regret getting the Atlas lantern and it will get lots of use camping and at home

Favorite gift to give

I give these lanterns and flashlights as gifts all the time. Everyone loves them and the lifetime guarantee.