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Journey 300 Flashlight / Charger
Robert D. Thompson, Jr.

The light is GREAT!

The Headlamp
Aaron Poach
Warranty customer service

I bought a pro kit and it is truly top notch. I use all the lights on a regular basis. I had an issue with the mammoth light. When I emailed them about it they responded very quickly telling me to call them. I did and they no questions asked sent me a new one. I will be purchasing from this company for years to come

I love this light! It is so bright that it lights up the whole room. Thanks for sending it already charged

Hybrid Light Pro Kit
Sgt. Dan Best
Worth the money!

I keep half this kit in my go bag. This is an amazing amount of light at my fingertips. Other than the neon green exterior, I can not fault this system at all. I work nights, in and out of the patrol vehicles I can use the headlamp, work-light, and flashlight. These give crazy amounts of light and just leave them on the dash in the Texas sun and they are ready for my next shift. I am an avid camper and I can say this system is golden with the grand-kids. The speaker is perfect for entertainment and well as light inside the tent for the little ones at night. It aides in the making of memories while camping with my grand-kids. It is nice to know I have such a system of power and light at my finger tips while working, camping, traveling, and while I work I will be splitting the kit with my wife when the occasional hurricane shows up. I do not endorse a lot of products but I have really gotten to like the reliability of this system. It was money well spent!

Great Light

I really like this flash light, charge lasts a long time, does not run down when not in use. I’ve had one for 2 years now and just bought a second one. Keep one in the house and one in the Jeep. Solar charger works great, I leave it on the dash when fishing remote spots and use it a lot at night, no problem staying charged on 3 to 5 day trips.

Journey 1000 Flashlight / Charger
Robert D. Thompson, Jr.

I like the flashlight very much. I am going to purchase 2 of the mid-level flashlights.

Perfect Latern

I bought this latern to add to my prepper supplies. It sits on my windowsill so it’s always charged. It’s super bright. I’ll be buying more as gifts. Get yourself one, you won’t regret it.

I have used my PUC for over 3 years. It is extremely durable and reliable. I will definitely buy some more in the future.

Journey 1000 Flashlight / Charger

Love Hybrid Lights!

I just got my first 2 items from Hybrid Light. I’m new to prepping and wanted to add a some light source in case of power outages. These lights are exactly what I was looking for. Shipping was fast, quality is excellent and these lights are BRIGHT! I’ll buy more as gifts for family!

Hybrid Light at the Ray Cabin

I was looking for a light source to assist our family with the many power outages here at the Ray Cabin. Unfortunately, they occur regular but without notice.

My purchase strategy was to find a reliable, powerful, low maintenance, and affordable light source when these events happened and the Hybrid Light is it.

It works beautifully and perfectly and I will be getting several more to add to the 2 I purchased. This gives us peace of mind and confidence in any emergency preparedness scenario

The Headlamp
Steve adams
Extremely satisfied

I have purchased various products numerous times. I try to give them to all my friends. As I won't give mine away! Fast shipping, always extremely happy with your priducts

best product

This is better than some of the lights I have now.

NAV Headlamp
5th light

Absolutely love love this light!
It’s bright, rechargeable, three colors, and it’s very light on the hat. Bad thing is I keep losing the things! Put a tracker on them lol. Best light ever!!

Atlas Fire
michael brady
Mostly wonderful

On the lowest setting, there is a random distracting flicker.

Bought 3 flashlights, & three expandable lanterns

Products are excellent.
All given to family and friends
I've had each of these products & use at home & on the road.

Innovative Combination of Technology

This is a really cool combination of technologies. I was impressed with how light-weight this flashlight is. It shoots a good, beam of light. The flashlight was fully charged with in an hour using the USB charger. Have not checked out the solar charging yet because I'm still using the first charge (been sitting in a drawer about a month and been used maybe an hour so far). I have not tried charging a device from this light either but am very encouraged with the product so far. If the technology holds up and I do not have to replace the light for a couple of years, it is well worth the price.

Hybrid Light Pro Kit
Corey Blackburn
Light the Night!

These lights are great! You can't find a more well built, lighter, brighter light than HybridLight. My hunting buddy and I swear by these. We hunt all over the the South, West, and will soon be taking these to Alaska! Weight is always a concern on a backpack hunt out West, not anymore, these are so light and you don't need to lug around extra batteries. The solar function is great, they hold a charge for a long time, and you can charge devices like your phone off some of them. I keep some around the house in case of power outages, and I take the expandable lantern, headlamp and flashlights on our long backpacking hunting trips. I'm from Nashville and have met the owner and his family, great people, and they even took care of a replacement, no questions asked this year at the NWTF Convention. Now that's customer service.

It’s ok.
I don’t think it’s worth the price for the size and materials

The light

Very sold light and does the job I like the light. Thanks to Alaskaprepper for his review.

Better than expected

It took awhile but it was worth the wait.

Love the lantern

This lantern is a great and convenient light when the power goes out. I have charged both ways and it does a great job. Would be great for camping and anything outdoors lightweight too!

Great flashlight and great customer service

I have a journey 300 that I bought last spring for camping went camping with my girlfriend with it and her two kids of which they brought a friend with so there were three kids it was a four day weekend and we had no way of charging the flashlight other than the solar power and the kids kept messing with it all day long and it still never went dead
I loved it so much that I bought three of these as a Christmas gift one for a friend of mine one for my mom and one for my sister in law I saw they had the journey 1000s I ordered them have not actually used it much myself it is considerably brighter than the 300 though as I did ask my mom if I could check hers out everyone is very happy with theirs on top of that the customer service is amazing the wrong address was put in and non-existent address I communicated with the seller they responded back to me both via email and phone call it ended up not being able to be fixed before it got returned to Sender they reached out to me asking how things were going via email before it even got returned to Sender and I asked if they would resend it back to the correct address there was a reply saying they would and they did with no cost to me I am very thankfull for the wonderful customer service over this shipping error and I will be buying a journey 1000 for myself

NAV Headlamp
Leilani Christensen
The NAV Headlamp is a fantastic invention

My son clips his NAV Headlamp to his baseball cap and uses it all the time. We live in an area without streetlights so it can be very dark. The headlamp can also be clipped to a shirt front if you need to illuminate an area in darkness with both hands free to work on a project. I was impressed so much with the NAV Headlamp that I have purchased one for my brother and all three brother-in-laws. One immediately clipped it to his hat! I even bought one to keep for myself! I highly recommend the NAV headlamp.

Just Right

Perfect size, not too big and not to small. The two light settings are also perfect, not too bright and not too dim. It’s actually plenty bright enough inside camper. I love that you can top off the charge by setting it in the sunlight. And yes, it really does float.