Hybrid Light®

Hybrid Light® is a pioneer of solar powered mobile lighting and charging solutions designed for when you need the power of the sun to shed light on all of your adventures. Our portable flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and power panels are the reliable go-to illuminator that you want in every toolbox, glovebox, emergency kit, night stand and kitchen drawer. 

Durable, Environmentally Friendly & Guaranteed for Life. 

Rechargeable again and again, Hybrid Light® products pay for themselves quickly and will soon become your favorite lighting and charging source. 


Terry Peterson

Always forward-thinking, Terry continues to explore new ways to bring you solar tech that you can use everyday and enhance your life. Keep checking back to see new products or offers from HybridLight®.

Our Team

Mack Peterson


Outdoors Fanatic and Electricity Nerd.

Brady Bates


Mountain Bike Enthusiast and Keyboard Specialist.

Travis Slyter

Packing Tape Specialist too.

Cheyenne Peterson

Trade show and communications coordinator. Animal lover.

Our Mission

Light the world with the lowest impact on the earth and your wallet. We are so confident with our products that they're guaranteed for life.

Our Ambassadors

Dallas Hyland

Brand Marketing/Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker.

Andrew Peacock

Adventure Photographer.

Adam Walker

Fun Finder, Photographer, and Purveyor of Positivity.

Tim & Laura Kudo

Avid mountaineers, skiiers, backpackers, river runners.

Jimmy Bishop

Outdoor Photographer.

Richard Dorchuck

The Antlerman-Antler Broker.