Hybrid Light® is a pioneer of solar powered mobile lighting and charging solutions designed for when you need the power of the sun to shed light on all of your adventures. Our portable flashlights, lanterns, headlamps, and power panels are the reliable go-to illuminator that you want in every toolbox, glovebox, emergency kit, night stand and kitchen drawer. 

Durable, Environmentally Friendly & Guaranteed for Life. 

Terry Peterson

Back in 2006, Terry Peterson began working on his vision for the portable solar hybrid technology that would be dependable and affordable without concern for dead batteries. This technology would then develop into a series of products that are fully rechargeable and more importantly tailored to charge phones, tablets, or anything with a USB port with optimal efficiency.


Always forward-thinking, Terry continues to explore new ways to bring you solar tech that you can use everyday and enhance your life. Keep checking back to see new products or offers from HybridLight®.


Mack Peterson


Outdoors Fanatic and Electricity Nerd.

Brady Bates


Mountain Bike Enthusiast and Keyboard Specialist.

Cheyenne Peterson

Trade show and communications coordinator. Animal lover.

Michael H. Christensen

Michael H. Christensen, SRA, CRE

Executive VP, Global Sales

Mike is excited to have been recruited by HybridLight, having more than 30 years of executive experience in innovative client and public relations, international market and product development, sales, contract negotiation, and operations management. He has served on numerous public, private, and industry boards, committees, and panels, but most importantly, he has a passion for true conservation and serving others through environmentally friendly product sales that improve lives.

As a sitting member of one ranching corporation (600 acres) and with 30-year past experience on another ranching LLC (9,600 acres), he has familiarity with conservation easements, land use management, water rights and development, grazing/greenbelt, mineral exploration and lease negation, etc. He has an experience-based understanding of private, governmental, and historically obtained mineral rights (i.e. railroad, etc.).

He is a two-time governor’s appointee and past Vice Chair and Chair of the Utah Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board, has served on The Appraisal Foundation Board of Trustees (under congressional oversight), and has experience as an FDIC insured bank board member, author, and presenter with more than 35 years of production appraisal and management experience. He has significant regulatory experience, both state and federal. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Utah Chapter of The Appraisal Institute.

Mike is also qualified as an expert witness in Utah District and Federal Bankruptcy Courts. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in business management and currently holds the SRA and CRE professional designations offered through The Appraisal Institute and The Counselors of Real Estate. His wife, children, and grandchildren are his greatest blessings and support.

Jason Dude Lively Ph.D.

Jason Dude Lively Ph.D.

Chief Information Officer

Jason (often called Dr. Dude) has been working with HybridLight since 2020 and brings technological expertise and creative ideas to the team. He has both a BBA and an MBA in Computer Information Systems as well as an Ed.S. and Ph.D. in Computing Technology in Education; and as a former Manager at a Computer Manufacturing Firm, College Dean, and Professor, he has a passion for emerging technologies (such as Ai and VR) and bright ideas. HybridLight is just one of those bright ideas that has evolved into a line of brilliant products that he absolutely stands behind.

As an avid outdoorsman he has an appreciation for quality lighting products. As a dedicated home gardener, he can absolutely appreciate not having to discard spent batteries in our landfills. And, as a husband and father of five, he relies on the security and protection that HybridLight’s products offer the home.

Dr. Dude is proud to be part of a team that can help others find security, safety, and the piece of mind that comes with a light from HybridLight. Reach out and let him set you up with products that will certainly brighten your days and your nights.

Jon C. Kercher

Jon C. Kercher

Executive VP, Strategic Relations

Jon has been successfully servicing HybridLight since 2020, in multiple capacities. He was named the Executive VP, Strategic Relations due to his career long experience nurturing and developing key relationships across the globe. He has extensive executive experience in marketing and selling, and is known for his extensive and close group of colleagues, clients, and friends. Long-term friendships are the hallmark of Jon’s personality and emphasis. His ability to effectively network has enhanced and rewarded those who associate with him. He has extensive experience supporting non-profit organizations and small business leaders and has chaired multiple national and international committees.

As a lifelong outdoorsman, Jon has utilized and understands the need for high quality and practical equipment to enhance and provide safety in these experiences. He has since found a passion in helping others enjoy HybridLight specialty products and to reach all who could benefit from them. Humanitarian-centered uses of HyridLight products has been an emphasis.

Jon holds a degree in Business Management and has utilized it in many rewarding business enterprises. He has a loving wife, two children, and six grandchildren who are his biggest champions.

Our Mission

Light the world with the lowest impact on the earth and your wallet. We are so confident with our products that they're guaranteed for life.

Our Ambassadors

Andrew Peacock

Adventure Photographer.

Adam Walker

Fun Finder, Photographer, and Purveyor of Positivity.

Tim & Laura Kudo

Avid mountaineers, skiiers, backpackers, river runners.

Jimmy Bishop

Outdoor Photographer.