HybridLight Pro Kit

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HybridLight® decided to produce it’s own Premium Package PRO KIT. Six rugged products in one beautifully crafted BLACK box. All the products are multi-functional lights that you’ve come to know and rely on from HybridLight® for everyday work or for emergencies. The custom box is covered in velvet touch black and has a magnetic lid. Holding six different items, the box is fitted with a precise piece of foam for maximum impact on opening.
Our HybridLight® PRO KIT contains the all-impressive Mammoth 400 lumen multi-light, the versatile Journey 250, the 400 variable lumen ATLAS camping lantern, the handy 150 lumen PUC expandable lantern, and the HEX blue-tooth speaker and light. . . all which can charge your mobile devices. also included is the sturdy 75 lumen headlamp and as a bonus we’ve packed your HybridLight® PRO KIT with a MicroUSB cord so that you can rapidly charge all your products any time, or you can use that glorious ball of fire we call the Sun.
You can see all the individual products that are included in the HybridLight® PRO KIT below.


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