hybridlight creator of hybrid solar technologies
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Product Overview


Consisting of Flashlights, a Spotlight, Headlamp, and  Lanterns, Hybrid Light products share the following features:

  • Mono Silicon Solar Powered with battery backup – Will charge using ANY light source
  • When fully charged will hold charge for years - Alternative energy saves money, Always ready to use, eco friendly, and can be stored anywhere
  • Super Bright LED
  • Waterproof, submergible and it floats! 
  • Durability is unmatched; Lifetime Guarantee - No risk with purchase
  • Made of durable 50% polycarbonate and 50% plastic 
  • One piece construction - No chance to split at seams, Withstands strong impact
  • NiMh charging system and back up lithium batteries - Lifelong rechargeable system. Can be charged over and over again. Backup batteries offer 50 hours of use and a 7 yr shelf life

ONE, TWO, THREE CLICK and ready to use right out of the package:

  • Simply click the switch ONCE and the light will use the charge from the solar collector.
  • Click a SECOND time, and if needed the light will be powered by the backup lithium battery.
  • Click a THIRD time to turn it off and the Light will resume its default position of charging from the solar collector.
  • Indicator lights: RED illuminates when charging, YELLOW when using Solar Power from the collector, and GREEN when being powered by the lithium backup batteries.