hybridlight creator of hybrid solar technologies
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How Does It Work?

Hybrid Light products, consisting of flashlights, a Camping Light and Spotlight employ solar or collector panels comprised of photovoltaic cells, which capture sunlight and ambient light; as well as artificial and indoor lighting. These panels convert the energy to electrical energy which powers the Hybrid Light's dynamic (and extremely durable) LED bulb which should last over 10 years of continual use.

After an 8 hour charge, the Hybrid Light will efficiently provide up to 8 hours of impressively bright light. Since the Hybrid flashlights are not reliant on batteries, they can be charged over and over again, and will pay for itself within a year of regular use; just in the savings of batteries alone. Yet should the charge from the collector be drained from usage, two lithium backup batteries contained in the flashlight's housing will provide up to 50 hours of light, while the collector resumes the process of recharging the hybrid light. (Simply push the switch a second time to activate the lithium back up battery)

It is reassuring to note that the lithium batteries will hold a charge for Seven (7) years, and provide up to 50 hours of illumination. Unlike alkaline, lithium batteries are highly tolerant to extreme temperatures and are a fraction of the weight of alkaline batteries. What is even more impressive is that when using a lithium battery, the voltage will be maintained for 90% of the lifespan with no dimming effects. With regular and proper use, the Hybrid Light can always receive and maintain a charge from the collector, and therefore will not need to employ the lithium backup battery unless under unusual circumstances.

Hybrid Light has been granted a patent from the U.S. Patent office due to the hybrid defined "system". The improvements have pending patents.