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Environmental Concerns

Hybrid Light Products are efficient, fallow guidelines approve by the Green initiative, and totally make obsolete the need to both purchase as well as dispose of batteries.

In addition to being most proud of the Hybrid Lite product line, our success and enjoyment is enhanced by the knowledge that we are providing a product that performs so well while contributing to the good of the environment. (Did you know that 3 billion batteries are thrown into U.S. landfills EVERY year?)

Pollution created by discarded batteries of all types can cause damage to the environment. Alkaline batteries in particular, contain electrodes composed of manganese dioxide and zinc, along with potassium hydroxide which is a highly corrosive electrolyte. In landfills, discarded batteries corrode and allow these materials and heavy metals to leak into soil and underground water tables. This hazardous waste poses a threat to marine life and hum life alike, due to its reactive nature. When corrosion allows these elements to mix with other hazardous waste, potentially dangerous chemical reactions can also occur. (California Department of Toxins 800-728-6942)

According to Duracell.com, "Thermal decomposition of alkaline batteries may produce hazardous fumes of zinc and manganese" as well as "caustic vapors of potassium hydroxide and other toxic by-products." Duracell adds that "damaged batteries will release concentrated potassium hydroxide, which is caustic." In addition, exposure to the chemicals in alkaline batteries can "cause eye and skin irritation, severe burns and respiratory problems."

Truthfully, batteries are dumped at an alarming rate. Every 100 flashlights that use two D-size batteries represent over 60 pounds of this potentially toxic waste finding its way into our landfills and water supplies. And this is not just a one-time occurrence. This represents the toxic waste produced every time 100 battery-operated flashlights, (each containing two D-cell batteries), burn for 10 hours. Conversely, for every 10 hours of use, 100 Hybrid Solar Lights that replace 100 battery-operated flashlights prevent over 60 pounds of toxic waste from polluting our environment and threatening the health of our communities.

Hybrid Light products are packaged in recycled pressboard and PET (the plastic used in bottled water) both of which are 100% recyclable. Our interior packaging kiosks, lights, and pallets make the most of shipping space in our cargo containers. This allows us to limit the number of containers shipped and, thus, reduce our carbon footprint.